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Detroit cocker spaniel club specialty shows

Specialty Shows: In 2013, we Celebrated our 75th Year.

Every Year, Detroit Cocker Spaniel Club sponsors two Cocker Specialty Shows.  This year, our two shows will be held in September in conjunction with the Monroe Kennel Club in Monroe, Michigan.

The dates of the two shows are usually around the last weekend in September, and they will be held on the Friday before the Monroe Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show, also offering an Obedience show. Both shows together will make a great weekend event at Monroe County Fair Ground in Monroe, Michigan.

Puppy Matches: Every year, in accordance with American Kennel Club (AKC) requirements, the Detroit Cocker Spaniel Club holds a Puppy Match where we have a lot of fun.  This is an AKC Sanctioned "B" match.

Our Puppy match is normally held at:
     12687 Scott Road
     Davisburg, MI  48350

Dog Show Weather: We will always try to give you a Sunny Show day... but we both know... you better check.  :-)

Monroe, Michigan, weather forecast


Venue Maps:

Google Map-Monroe Fair Ground

GoogleMap to Monroe County Fairground


Monroe County Building Map for September Show

Monroe County Fair Ground Info

Monroe County Fairground Information



our 2016 shows

Cocker spaniel specialty ShowS cELEBRATING more than 75TH YEARs

75th Anniversary

93rd & 94th
Date, Locations & Details: 

  Friday, September 30th, 2016
   Monroe County Fairgrounds
      3775 S. Custer Road M-50
      Monroe, MI  48161
     (See Maps Below)

Our shows this year will be dedicated to the memory of Ricki Breen (Breen Acres).

  -  TBD

Show Chair:
  - Barb Pluta   Ann Ihde

Show Secretary:
  -  Pam Moore

  - Judging Schedule  

Morning Show:
DCSC Regular Class Judge: 
-- Frank Kane (UK)
DCSC Sweeps Judge: 
-- Suzanne Sosne (USA)

Afternoon Show:
DCSC Regular Class &
Junior Showmanship Judge: 
-- Ken Murray (Illinois)

Date & Location: 

   Davisburg, MI  48350

Judging begins at noon, followed by lunch on the deck!  $5 per puppy or $12 per litter.

  -  3-6 months
  -  6-9 months
  -  9-12 months

  - 12-18 months and open
  -  Brood Bitch Class

  - Coming Soon



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